A warrior must only take care that his spirit is never broken.


“Over the years I have studied Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, Street Survival and ITS (Israeli Tactical System). After being in the Army I was recruited to work as an instructor with a Counter-Terrorism training school, where I trained United States Special Forces, Rangers, Spec Ops teams, Police S.W.A.T, etc. For a long time I felt that I had a good level of knowledge in various styles of martial arts. That was until Sensei Dave Weinberg introduced me to Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* and Peter Freeman’s method of teaching. I experienced a paradigm shift and my perception of what was an effective way to learn and to teach was completely changed. If I had started in this style my learning in every other style after would have gone up exponentially, because I would have understood the principles of why the style worked instead of just being given preset techniques to regurgitate.” – Jared Day, Actor, Success Curator, and Motivational Speaker

“I can honestly say that Grandmaster Peter Freedman has built the best martial art teaching system that I have ever encountered. The dojo is very lucky to get all the knowledge of healing, energy, training, and the life experience that Grandmaster Freeman can offer. My only regret is that I wasted almost a year out of training because I could not see this straight away, as it was just so different from previous training. I understand a lot more now.” – Jason Macdonald, Personal Defensive Tactics Instructor, Holds an MA At King’s College London In Counter-Terrorism

“I previously studied Okinawan Karate, Kenpo, and Kyokushinkai, but I found myself progressing farther as a martial artist in my first few months with Freedman’s Method than in all my other years of martial arts practice.” – John Moore, Martial Arts Instructor, Jiu-jutsu Black Belt, and Internet Consultant

“I’ve had some of the world renowned teachers in my lifetime and when you’ve seen them and then seen Peter Freedman I can tell he’ll be one of the elite grand-masters.” – Guru Felix Valencia, Martial Arts Instructor, Undefeated Full Contact Stick Fighting Champion, Inducted Into The Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame

I started my Martial Arts training at the age of 16, more than 20 years ago with 20 years of military and law enforcement experience combined. It was difficult finding a system that fit me. I trained in Kempo, Muay Thai, JKD, boxing, BJJ and Army Combatives. My instructors in these styles were direct students under some of the commonly known masters so I knew the training was legit, not to mention hard. It wasn’t until I met Grandmaster Peter Freedman that it all came together and made sense. His Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* is the foundation and system I had been seeking. His teaching of anatomy, concepts and principles is what I had been missing. The applications of his system are endless. I am able to apply this for self-defense & street fighting, combat and/or on the job as a law enforcement officer. – John Lenotte , Combat Veteran, US Army & Navy Military Police, Local & County Law Enforcement, Federal Agent- DHS

“Grandmaster Freedman’s Method is by far the most superior martial art that I have studied. While my past experience in Tae Kwan Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu taught me important principles such as how to properly strike and defend myself and neutralize an attacker on the ground, the Freedman System is more practical, as application of the method’s principles prepare the student to defend himself in any situation presented. While the other arts teach technique or position memorization to accomplish self-defense, the Freedman System teaches the student to defend himself on nine angles of attack, whether the attack is coming from fists, bats, knives, multiple attackers, etc.

After studying Freedman’s Method for several months, I believe it is the most effective method of defending against practical street fights or multiple attacker scenarios. Unlike other systems that I have studied that dictate or encourage memorization to defend against various situations, the Freedman Method encourages creativity. This creativity allows the student to mold the art into his or her personality, which I have found to be exclusively unique to the Freedman Method.

My confidence that I could defend myself against any situation skyrocketed after only a few months of study. As a student of the martial arts I strongly recommend the Freedman System.” – David Block, Founder and CEO of Prevenix

“Freedman’s Method has opened my eyes to many new things and helped me to restructure the whole approach to my martial art. I have become a better teacher and person just from Grandmaster Freedman’s guidance. He is awesome! If you learn the true lesson Grandmaster Freedman has to teach, you will learn from everyone you can and learn not to judge things on a shallow level. I will always look to him for guidance no matter where I am or how old I get. He has allowed my eyes to be opened enough to know who really knows what they are talking about and who doesn’t! However, one should always try to look for the teacher in everyone.” – Terry Dow, Martial Arts Academy Owner and Instructor

“After being involved in many different styles of law enforcement training, I believe that Freedman’s Method is by far the most practical. In my opinion, law enforcement has an obligation to the community to acquire skills that will enable them to better interact in altercations that inevitably happen within communities and in such a way that it will limit the possibility of injury to the officer and the citizen — Freedman’s Method will enable them to do so. Freedman’s Method of training will skill the officer to use low impact and practical solutions.” – Stacy Quinoness, Director of Law Enforcement Training for Leoness

“I checked out over 100 martial art schools in Southern California before finding Sensei David Weinberg. His Jiu-jutsu is off the hook! Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jiu-jutsu* is the most applicable and best martial art I’ve ever seen for street survival and street fighting. I love the approach for multiple attackers and weapons as no other schools focus on this.” – Mike Muratore, Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Wing Chun Instructor, Kyokushinkai Black Belt, Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt, and State Judo Champion

“I had training in the law enforcement academies I attended. I found them to be cursory and based upon rote memorization that is ineffectual in an actual confrontation. Freedman’s Method is far superior as students learn concepts and principals about how and why the methods work. Freedman’s Method is based upon how the anatomy of the body works and that is the core of why the training works. The method can be adapted to any skill level or physical limitation or individuality of the student. Freedman’s Method is a melding of the mind, spirit, and body which is why it is so effective and important to the student on every core level.”

Although Grandmaster Freedman encourages you to learn from everyone you can, I would not consider looking for another teacher. I was extraordinarily lucky to have had the opportunity to train with Grandmaster Freedman. I have had extensive experience as a student and instructor and based upon that, I state with great certainty that he is an exceptional teacher.” – Meredith Lobur, Police Officer, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Investigator, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Certified Instructor, Awarded A Meritorious Service Medal

“I found out about Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jiu-jutsu* through a close friend of mine after telling him a story of how I had a recent run in with a gangbanger on my block. I had studied Jeet Kune Do for about 2 years to that point but realized that I had some gaps that I had to overcome in grappling. So when my friend told me he had found an awesome Jujitsu class, I was all in. At first glance it looked brutal but I had to feel it to really know if it was what I was looking for. So I cautiously attacked the instructor. What he did to me I never felt before in so little time. I felt off balance, twisted, and in immediate pain. I was hooked.

What makes Ketsugo so awesome is that it is based on solid principles which expedite your learning curve. That is if you take time and due diligence to master them they will enable you to employ limitless strategies against your attacker. I say attacker because Ketsugo is not for sport although its principles can be adapted to sport fighting. Any question I had on whether it would work or not was answered one evening while I was bouncing at a local bar. I was put in a combative situation by a drunken fellow employee. Long story short he was getting beat in a fair one on one fight which I verbally tried to break up while on the radio for help. Then the other guy’s gargantuan friend came rushing to his aid. He positioned himself behind my coworkers back and was about to attack him. My body reacted to the situation and to my amazement I threw a guy 6’3″ 250lbs about 10 feet without hurting him using what I had recently learned. That night I couldn’t sleep. I played the moment over and over in my head critiquing my performance and came to the conclusion that no matter what Ketsugo works like a mutha! From that moment on I went from being hooked on to married to Ketsugo till death do us part. I love this art. I love this site. I was skeptical at first about learning self-defense online, but it’s been phenomenal.” – Phil McKnight, Personal Trainer and Night Club Bouncer

“Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* has been one of those game changers in my life. Like many others I took several different martial arts for years and never really found something that made total sense to me. Through experience I can tell you that in a fight, there is no time to recall “moves” and “techniques”. There are so many variables in an assault that no two situations are ever the same. Without understanding why the body does what it does, one cannot adapt accordingly. The Ketsugo way of training works on teaching your body the principles of combat in a way that it becomes instinct and manifests itself naturally so that when faced in a dangerous situation, your body will adapt with every shift of weight your opponent makes as well as with the changing variables that a particular situation may bring. It is a true “Martial” art, designed to teach you to defend your life and the lives of the ones you care about. It is a serious discipline but it is also a well-rounded discipline. It promotes humility and restraint.

From a philosophical standpoint, I find the philosophy of Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* to be as beautiful and as nurturing to my soul as it is lethal. By training slowly, I’ve come to see the value in patience and the importance of attention to detail. It has reinforced the notion of doing things right and developing strong habits that my psyche can assimilate as instinct. It has many parallels to life which have served me well in my personal development.

If you want to learn a discipline that is serious, effective and practical in an environment that’s not intimidating but rather welcoming, Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* is for you.” – Marco Antonio, Photographer and Latin Dance Instructor

“As an Executive Protection Specialist I need training that will compliment my chosen vocation — the protection of myself and a third party. Although I train myself in many aspects of self-defense and defensive tactics, I am always looking for training that compliments my training and Freedman’s Method does just that. I have enjoyed the flow method of teaching which I believe is the best way to describe it and the fact that it can be tailored to anyone, experienced or not. I have also enjoyed the leave your ego at the door approach.” – Thomas LeBrun, Executive Protection Specialist; International Martial Arts Hall of Fame; Bodyguard Hall of Fame; Bodyguard of the year for 1999 and 2005

“Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* is the best self-defense instruction I have ever received. Most people, I think, confuse sport vs self-defense when choosing a Martial Art to learn and practice. In either case elite level instruction/coaching is typically grounded in science. From the start I recognized that Freedman’s method is a system based on Principles and Strategies which in turn lead to Techniques. This is a true Scientific Approach to teaching and learning self-defense. In this environment you learn true self-defense because you are not repeating a finite number of techniques, you learn to react to any situation with confidence.” – John Castillo, Fellow of Applied Functional Science and Former Collegiate Wrestler

“I have been studying various martial arts since I was a child. Everything from muay thai to grappling. Seeing techniques executed does little to impress me. I have to feel it to understand how something truly works. The training with David Weinberg and FMKJ is different. You would have to experience it for yourself to understand. I have never felt anything like it.” – Brandon Castille, Marketing Analyst

“I had ten years of prior martial art instruction, but didn’t feel confident in what I knew because I had just memorized thousands of techniques. I didn’t feel confident in defending myself with them. Now when I am learning something, I understand it. Within just months I am now learning the science of martial arts. I am now learning what I have always wanted to learn. This is the way I thought it should be… I am excited for how much more I will learn in the future.” – Eric Kay, Chef and Restaurant Manager

“I started martial arts at the age of 17 or 18. I joined Grandmaster Peter Freedman’s Arnis class. I entered into the Marines at 18 and developed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a few other forms through the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). Unfortunately, during my four years in the Marines I was seriously injured. Due to my injuries most of the leg movements from most martial arts would not be easy to accomplish. I would find myself more off balance and unable to keep a stable footing. I searched for a martial arts program that would help adapt to me, not just take me through a set form or organized moves. Grandmaster Peter Freedman’s method of Ketsugo Jiu-Jitsu* was exactly what I was looking for in a martial arts system. Grandmaster Peter Freedman tailored his system to my needs and gave me the inspiration to create my own art.” – Sgt. Thomas Simard (Retired) United States Marine Corp

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