I have spent most of my life unlearning things that were proved not to be true. -R. Buckminster Fuller

About Us

Jon Arend and Dave Weinberg founded Combat Science with one goal in mind – to aggregate into one place the most cutting-edge information on functional fitness, nutrition, wellness, survivalism, tactical training, and real world self-defense.

For nearly two decades Jon and Dave incessantly scoured the globe for esoteric knowledge from the ancient world. They also scrutinized the latest scientific discoveries across all fields that directly or indirectly influenced human potential. Sifting through centuries of misinformation, disinformation, and guarded wisdom, they strived to uncover the common connections and missing links between vast quantities of fragmented teachings. It was their hope that these painstaking efforts to piece together the “truth” would inspire a major paradigm shift and help Combat Science become a trusted, go-to resource.

Anyone looking to regain and optimize their health, defend themselves and their families from harm, or, even learn to expand their levels of awareness and consciousness, could find exactly what they were seeking.

The site would promote a friendly, collegiate environment that would encourage sharing and the open exchange of ideas. All visitors would have to check their egos at the door and be prepared to challenge their current beliefs to advance the envelope of knowledge forward.

After having helped countless private clients through their respective training modalities, it became clear that Jon and Dave possessed transformational knowledge. More importantly, they needed to get this life-altering information out to the public, whatever the cost.

Originally, Jon planned to launch his own fitness site. Similarly, Dave was in the midst of creating an online self-defense site of his own. All the while the two were exchanging services to help one another. Jon was helping Dave overcome some chronic muscular skeletal imbalances from years of improper fitness training. This was the same proprietary training system that Jon developed to overcome a debilitating lower back condition of his own. Dave helped Jon transcend the world of sport combat, pointing out that Jon needed to be able to defend against multiple attackers and weapons or he really did not know how to properly defend himself.

The concept of Combat Science began to materialize the week that Seal Team 6 or DEVGRU tracked down the infamous Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.

Jon realized how critical it was for Special Operations to have proper functional fitness training to better prepare them for combat. He also realized the invaluable skills and mind-set of knowing how to defend against multiple assailants when plans fail and you have to rely on your bare hands. Dave was discovering how time consuming it was to research the best nutritional supplements, tactical equipment, and survival gear. Dave knew that combining all of the analysis and tests of the best products and services in one location would provide an invaluable service to consumers.

It wasn’t long before Jon and Dave decided that they had no choice but to combine their efforts. It wasn’t about what was best for them, but what would be best for the consumer who desperately sought this rare knowledge. Combat Science would become a launching pad for the public to transform their lives.

Regardless of past challenges, setbacks, or failures, answers would be found here. Anything less would be unacceptable.

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