And you? When will you begin your long journey into yourself? -Rumi


We have many testimonials from our satisfied self-defense and fitness clients.


“Over the years I have studied Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, Street Survival and ITS (Israeli Tactical System). After being in the Army I was recruited to work as an instructor with a Counter-Terrorism training school, where I trained United States Special Forces, Rangers, Spec Ops teams, Police S.W.A.T, etc. For a long time I felt that I had a good level of knowledge in various styles of martial arts. That was until Sensei Dave Weinberg introduced me to Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* and Peter Freeman’s method of teaching. I experienced a paradigm shift and my perception of what was an effective way to learn and to teach was completely changed. If I had started in this style my learning in every other style after would have gone up exponentially, because I would have understood the principles of why the style worked instead of just being given preset techniques to regurgitate.” – Jared Day, Actor, Success Curator, and Motivational Speaker

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“Jon Arend is like no other trainer I’ve ever worked with before. His vast knowledge of the human body and movement is unparalleled. Jon can transform information into useful practice for average consumers and professional athletes. Working with Jon is an absolute delight. Jon always steps up to challenge with energy and hits a home run. I’m forever in gratitude for his hands-on approach and expertise.” – Jennifer Davidson, Project Lead for NIKE SPARQ, Collaborates With World-class Trainers To Develop Training Program Logic, Professional Gymnast, Project Leader For Nike and Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Training

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