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There's no tapping out when you're getting mugged. -Sensei David J. Weinberg

Our Mission

We’ll teach you how to bio-hack your body so you can rapidly become combat fit and skilled in real world self-defense.

99% of schools will tell you that if you face multiple attackers and you can’t run you’re done. At Combat Science we’re not looking to fight multiple people. That’s just the reality. We train for multiple attackers. That’s our speciality.

Our real world self-defense system has been used to protect the U.S. Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. From witnessing the self-defense system firsthand the U.S. Department of Defense says it is “second to none.”

“I can honestly say that Grandmaster Peter Freedman has built the best martial art teaching system that I have ever encountered.” – Jason Macdonald, Personal Defensive Tactics Instructor

Take the Combat Science Challenge. You’ll learn more about self-defense in 3 months through our online program than you’ll learn at your local dojo. Don’t believe us? We’re offering a 100% refund.

Check out the FREE 7 day trial and find out just how serious we are.

“The brutal truth is people are being attacked by knives, machetes and firearms and my friends in law enforcement are telling me these attacks are growing and getting worse. It’s time to learn how to defend yourself in these situations. We are here when you are ready.” – Grandmaster Peter Freedman.

Learn more by listening to an exclusive Interview with Grandmaster Freedman where he reveals how he developed his combative system to be effective in the real world. For Grandmaster Freedman his self-defense system had to work while growing up in the streets of Boston’s violent South End. It saved his life on numerous occasions. Sadly, most of Grandmaster Freedman’s friends did not make it out and were shot, stabbed, and are no longer with us today.


Real World Self-Defense

There are no longer any excuses if you truly wish to learn how to defend yourself with an elite system that was once only offered to Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Army Rangers, and a select few in an underground, private school in Boston. After years in the making… the Core Program speaks for itself.

“I checked out over 100 schools before finding this. Freedman’s Method Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* is the most applicable and best martial art I’ve ever seen for street survival and street fighting. I love the approach for multiple attackers and weapons as no other schools focus on this.” – Mike Muratore, Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Wing Chun Instructor, and State Judo Champion

With our proprietary self-defense system you’ll learn how to defend yourself for the real world at a staggering pace.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert we can literally help you overcome the physical limitations, confusion, and setbacks that many students experience at local dojos. Best of all the self-defense system and training is gentle on the body so you can learn to protect yourself and loves ones without getting injured.

“I previously studied Okinawan Karate, Kenpo, and Kyokushinkai, but I found myself progressing farther as a martial artist in my first few months with Freedman’s Method than in all my other years of martial arts practice.” – John Moore, Martial Arts Instructor and Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

The majority of martial artists learn by memorizing hundreds and even thousands of pre-arranged techniques. These static, canned responses may look nice in the dojo, but in the real world may very likely get you killed. If you’re not able to invent your own techniques spur of the moment the same way you effortlessly invent the sentences you speak… you’re far from competent. If you’ve ever been mugged, jumped, or assaulted you know exactly what we’re talking about. If not, you may be in for a rude awakening when life gets real.

Bad things never happen in your neighborhood till they do. If and when that happens it’s not pretty. In the street there are no rules. There are no weight classes, no referee, and no rounds. Six on one isn’t uncommon and can get ugly quickly. An elderly, frail man getting pummeled from behind by a 300 pound man happens far too often. Assaults occur out of nowhere, in the dark, and in cramped quarters such as stairwells, elevators, and while you’re sitting in your car. Weapons such as baseball bats are used to crush bones while concealed knives are used to slash open one’s face and mutilate flesh. In the real world it’s not just a ground game or stand-up game. And it’s more than long distance, mid-range, and close range techniques. It goes well beyond empty-hand and weapons techniques. Things get crazy. Chaos rules. You better be fluent. You better be competent at everything. There is no tapping.

The question is simple. Can you survive?

As W. Edwards Deming wisely observed, “94% of all failure is a result of the system… not people.”

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The Choice Is Yours:

The Old Way

(Technique Based Learning = Memorization & Limitation)

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Principles & Concepts




How stable does that look? If your life is on the line and you get attacked by an unfamiliar technique that you didn’t memorize… would you feel confident? Sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster.


The Combat Science Way

(Principles & Concepts Based Learning = Creativity & Infinite Options)

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(Physical movements that showcase principles through action such as particular ways of joint locking, particular ways of choking, particular ways of striking, etc.)

Principles & Concepts

(They comprise the inner teachings that are the root of all techniques and the
gateway to creating infinite variations. It was the principles that were kept
secret in most schools in Asia. If the master teacher possessed exceptional
knowledge he only revealed the ability to see and understand these hidden
principles with his most dedicated student. The majority of students didn’t
know years could be compressed into months. They didn’t know
information was held back. They didn’t know it was possible to
bio-hack their minds and unlock incredible skills so quickly.)

The Online Core Program

The online Core Program was specifically created to help our serious clients greatly accelerate their learning curve and save them a tremendous amount of money in the process. It’s clear who follows the online Core Program and who doesn’t even among our clients who physically attend local group classes, seminars, or in person privates. It’s shows in their movements, it shows in their overall understanding of self-defense, and the rapid pace in which they progress. The contrast is startling. This is literally the 2.0 version of how to train.

How does this work? It’s exactly like taking a course at a university. The online Core Program is your video textbook; group classes, private classes, and online private Skype lessons are all part of your supplemental learning just like going to see your professor during office hours; and the daily practice on your own along with the weekly practice sessions with your Training Buddy are your regular homework assignments which are needed for continual progress.

Video Textbook

  • As if you were taking a university course the website serves as your video textbook. It is your primary resource for learning foundational material along with intermediate and advanced concepts. It allows you to analyze training modules over and over as needed while ensuring you don’t miss any key lessons. This is the only way to develop a rock solid foundation of understanding devoid of any gaps.
  • When most people train at a local dojo they often miss classes here and there or for large periods of time due the demands of life, work gets busy or the weather gets nasty. Regular group classes can also get expensive when your money may be tight. Regardless of the reason the time missed creates gigantic holes in your understanding of self-defense. Students often end up with subpar, piece meal self-defense skills. This is very dangerous.
  • The online Core Program also provide access to numerous instructors, including the art’s founder, who all have different physical builds to help you personalize the movements for your own body type. When just training a local dojo you’re often forced to simply mimic one instructor who may be 6’2″ and 240 lbs while you’re 5’8″ and 160 lbs or vice versa. The site allows you to see how various instructors of all different ages adapt their art to their body to maximize their effectiveness. You will learn to do the same.
  • Lastly, the Core Program empowers you to both learn and practice the self-defense system right out of your own home. On your own time you can watch videos early in the morning or late at night or while you’re taking a break from work or on your mobile phone while waiting in line at a store. Consistency is everything. You don’t need hours and hours to train. You simply need a few minutes each day. 2-5 minutes a day of practicing your foot movements, the 9 angles of attack, and other exercises will serve wonders as days compound into weeks and weeks compound into months. Anything more than that will simply speed up your progress even faster. The daily consistency allows your subconscious mind to keep making connections and deepen your understanding while you go about your day. Your mind will learn to train 24/7 even when you’re doing other things. This is part of the bio-hacking process. That’s how you can train and progress even with a busy schedule.

“Over the years I have studied Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing, Street Survival and ITS (Israeli Tactical System). After being in the Army I was recruited to work as an instructor with a Counter-Terrorism training school, where I trained United States Special Forces, Rangers, Spec Ops teams, Police S.W.A.T, etc. For a long time I felt that I had a good level of knowledge in various styles of martial arts. That was until Sensei Dave Weinberg introduced me to Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* and Peter Freeman’s method of teaching. I experienced a paradigm shift and my perception of what was an effective way to learn and to teach was completely changed. If I had started in this style my learning in every other style after would have gone up exponentially, because I would have understood the principles of why the style worked instead of just being given preset techniques to regurgitate.” – Jared Day, Former Counter-Terrorism Instructor

Prove it to yourself. Take the FREE 7 day trial.

Group Classes, Seminars, In-Person Privates, And Online Private Skype Lessons

  • With the online Core Program serving as your primary vehicle for learning, your participation in group classes, in-person privates or online private Skype lessons with Grandmaster Freedman, Sensei Roberto Davila, or Sensei David Weinberg can be utilized to supplement your learning. It is there that you can go with detailed questions after having first been exposed to the essential material from the Core Program.
  • You wouldn’t want to show up to a professor’s office after class without having even attempted to do your homework assignments or without having read or even glanced at the required reading assignments… would you? You would want to take advantage of the professor’s time so you can delve deeply into what specific material is causing problems for you.
  • Similarly, when attending your first group class or first seminar or first Skype lesson with Grandmaster Freedman you should go in already having watched and practiced a number of videos from the Core Program. That way you’ll already be familiar with first 10 foot movements and their purpose, what a wrist lock is and how to create infinite variations, what the differences are between sport and combat, what strategies will work against weapons and multiple attackers. You wouldn’t want to waste his time or your time, right? How else would you be able to maximize your learning? How else could you progress so quickly at such an affordable cost?

“I trained in Kempo, Muay Thai, JKD, boxing, BJJ and Army Combatives… It wasn’t until I met Grandmaster Peter Freedman that it all came together and made sense. His Ketsugo Jiu-jitsu* is the foundation and system I had been seeking. His teaching of anatomy, concepts and principles is what I had been missing. The applications of his system are endless. I am able to apply this for self-defense & street fighting, combat and/or on the job as a law enforcement officer.” – John Lenotte , Combat Veteran, US Army & Navy Military Police, Local & County Law Enforcement, Federal Agent- DHS

Training Buddy

  • Just find a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who also wants to learn and get going. We teach… you train.
  • You and your Training Buddy can watch particular video modules of interest on your own. Then when you meet you and your Training Buddy you can work on the homework assignments together and figure out what principles, concepts or exercises needs clarification and refinement.
  • Some of our clients like to watch the videos straight from their computer or ipad while others enjoy streaming the content to their HD TV via Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire and working on the homework assignments in their living room with their Training Buddy.
  • You and your Training Buddy can then ask detailed questions on our online forum, email, or book an online private Skype lessons. We’re here to help however we can.

In addition to the self-defense program you can get your body into the best shape of your life. The combat fitness drills were specifically designed to help you master your self-defense skills at an even faster rate. Best of all, the combat fitness training is included along with the online self-defense modules as part of our Core Training Program.

If you’ve read this far you owe it to yourself to check out the FREE 7 day trial.

“Any question I had on whether it would work or not was answered one evening while I was bouncing at a local bar. I was put in a combative situation by a drunken fellow employee. Long story short he was getting beat in a fair one on one fight which I verbally tried to break up while on the radio for help. Then the other guy’s gargantuan friend came rushing to his aid. He positioned himself behind my coworkers back and was about to attack him. My body reacted to the situation and to my amazement I threw a guy 6’3? 250lbs about 10 feet without hurting him using what I had recently learned. That night I couldn’t sleep. I played the moment over and over in my head critiquing my performance and came to the conclusion that no matter what Ketsugo works like a mutha! From that moment on I went from being hooked on to married to Ketsugo till death do us part. I love this art. I love this site. I was skeptical at first about learning self-defense online, but it’s been phenomenal.” – Phil McKnight, Personal Trainer and Night Club Bouncer

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Combat Fitness

Our self-defense teaching system is only rivaled by our our proprietary fitness system. With our combat functional fitness program you’ll not only correct any potential weaknesses or imbalances you may have, but will enable your body to increase its range of motion, get ripped, and achieve an entirely new level of fitness. This will allow you to take your real world self-defense skills to the extreme.

You’ll build a solid foundation by learning to move and gain strength in 3 planes of motion in both common (strong and symmetrical) and uncommon (awkward and asymetrical) positions. Life is awkward. Fights are awkward. With Jon Arend’s Combat Training your body will not fail you when seconds matter and your life is on the line.

“For the development of the Thunderbell multi-platform training program and product launch, I specifically sought out Jon Arend not only for his physical training and athletic ability but for his supreme understanding of functional biomechanics and his dedication to high-performance coaching.” – Jeremy Levine, Military Functional Performance Expert Who Developed Curriculum and Physical Training For 10 Navy SEAL Teams, US Army Special Forces, and Wrote The Official Navy SEAL Fitness Guide For All SEAL Teams

No longer will you be “all show and no go” where you look good, but you’re a walking injury waiting to happen. You will become unstoppable.

Get fit to fight and check out the FREE 7 day trial.

The Choice Is Yours:

The Old Way

1-Dimensional Training With No Sequential Steps = Short Term Gains But A Lifetime Of Chronic Injuries

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1-D Foundation Training


1-D Ballistic Training

(1-Dimensional Explosive Endurance, Strength, and Power)

Many people train with advanced exercises when their bodies can barely keep up safely with the basics in the Old Way. Additionally, people are training everything all at once and only in 1 dimension.


The Combat Science Way

3-Dimensional Training With Sequential Steps = Long Terms Gains And A Lifetime Of Exceptional Health

image description


(3-Dimensional Self-Defense and Tactical Conditioning)


(3-Dimensional Explosive Endurance, Strength, and Power)


(Structural Alignment, 3-Dimensional Mobility, 3-Dimensional Movement)


You’re only as strong as your weakest link. In the Old Way of training people usually just train by moving their bodies in a forward motion. We have yet to see a human body that can only move forward. What about backwards? How about side-to-side? How about twisting? How about side-to-side or twisting with the feet and body positioned in strong postures? Now how about weaker or more awkward postures? How could you possibly have functional, usable strength without this? How could you possibly increase your resistance to injury without training the weaker more awkward positions in all three planes of motion?

“As a former competitive powerlifter I thought the combat fitness training on this site was complete BS. Man, was I wrong. It took 3 months to see dramatic results, but I’ve rehabilitated my body, got rid of all my injuries, and am now doing things that I could never do… and I’m almost 50! People hardly recognize me anymore. I lost over 52 lbs. Combat Science rocks!” – Mike Muratore, Jeet Kune Do Instructor, Wing Chun Instructor, and State Judo Champion

Are you ready to transform your body into a self-defense weapon? Check out the FREE 7 day trial.

When you become combat fit you’ll have true strength from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. Many popular training programs today focus heavily on Olympic lifts. Unfortunately, this frequently causes injuries to far too many people. In fact, 99% of the population doesn’t realize that they need to condition themselves first through structural alignment protocols that align their skeletal system. They also need to restore proper functional movement and eliminate aches and pains before advancing to Olympic style training. Otherwise, when you introduce stress (from working out) on an unstable skeletal structure and unbalanced facial (muscle bodies) structures… debilitating injuries occur. Think of an unstable building that has structural flaws. What happens when the building has to withstand the stress from movement from a hurricane or earthquake? We can almost forget about the big storms. Heck, a gentle breeze may be too much for the building to handle. Your body is no different.

Your health is too precious to risk. We will show you how to unleash your highest genetic potential. Get combat fit and learn to defend yourself with our Core Training Program. Check out our free trial. Once you open Pandora’s box there’s no going back.

“Jon Arend is like no other trainer I’ve ever worked with before. His vast knowledge of the human body and movement is unparalleled. Jon can transform information into useful practice for average consumers and professional athletes. I’m forever in gratitude for his hands-on approach and expertise.” – Jennifer Davidson, Project Leader for NIKE SPARQ, Collaborates With World-class Trainers To Develop Training Program Logic, and Project Leader Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Training

“I have had the pleasure of working with trainers from the Olympics, United States Tennis Association, and UCLA athletic trainers. Quite simply, Jon is the bar-none the best trainer I have ever worked with. To say that Jon is a ‘trainer’ in and of itself is a misnomer. Jon is an innovator and mastermind in the development of strength and conditioning.” – TJ Pura, Duke University Tennis, 5-star Recruit Southern California, #7 Recruit in Southwest Region

image description

Jon Arend is one of the most sought after trainers in the U.S.

Through Combat Science he shares his rare knowledge that he personally developed, tested, and perfected over the past 16 years. It won’t take long before you realize why collegiate and professional athletes, A-list celebrities, and billionaire CEOs constantly seek out Jon’s training.

In three months you will get into the best shape of your life regardless of your age

  • Increased agility
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased coordination
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased strength
  • Increased power
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased vitality
  • Increased resistance to injury (while eliminating chronic tightness or muscular/skeletal pain)
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What exactly does Arend Training entail?


Multi-Plane Functional Training

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Combat Specific Training

Custom tailored exercises that will help to make your combat self-defense techniques even more effortless and effective.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Functional Flexibility and Mobility

Uses the body’s natural ability to mobilize and repair itself through movements and functional flow exercises that will not only strengthen your body, but also increase flexibility and awaken your full range of motion.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Structural Alignment

Learn how to test your structural alignment, posture and movement patterns using self assessments.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Endurance and Cardiovascular Training

You’ll develop crazy stamina through training techniques that utilize special breathing masks and tools to strengthen your lungs and heart.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


TRX and Gymnastic Rings

Learn the secrets to serious strength and body control using the Rings and TRX.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Kettlebell Training

A unique twist on the old Russian style training that incorporates Arend’s 3D multi-plane workouts.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Muscular Dysfunction and Chronic Injury

Using Arend Training’s proprietary system of assessments, repair and rebalance protocols, you can identity and finally strengthen all the weak links in your body.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details



Arend Training incorporates cutting edge nerve gliding exercises that increase the central nervous system’s ability to heal, mobilize, and perform at an ultimate level.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Functional Lab Testing

Using Functional Diagnostic Lab testing you will learn how to identity transformational repair opportunities in the body.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Advanced Cellular Nutritional Consultations

Considering that over 53% of supplements sold on the market don’t even dissolve in your body, many people spend tons of money and get zero nutritional benefit from their supplement regimen.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Weight Management Counseling

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with weight issues your whole life or you just need a little help to chisel your body to get the physique you’ve always dreamed about.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details


Myofascial and Trigger Point Release

You have probably already noticed that the stretching techniques you learned in gym class or see on TV infomercials don’t do much to alleviate chronic muscular tightness.

360 degree fitness training that incorporates the evolutionary motor and movement patterns of the human body.

Full Details

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