Are You Prepared To Survive Against More Than One Attacker?

December 28th, 2014 by Dave Weinberg

“Grandmaster Freedman, it seems hard to believe that one could learn how to defend themselves against multiple assailants. Is that really possible? How does one even begin to learn how to do that? Most people have a hard enough time trying to learn how to defend against one attacker. Thank you for your time.”

– Bill


Hi Bill, Well it does seem amazing doesn’t it? But it is true. You really can learn how to defend yourself against multiple opponents in a self-defense confrontation. It is really all based on angles. By learning how to use your eyesight and body movements it will all make sense. What you need to do is to study some of the video training modules on this site or stop by for a seminar and see how it is accomplished. We first teach you how to move your feet and your body to on-coming attacks. Once accomplished it becomes an automatic self-defense response.

Then we teach you how to see and use a series of angles (nine) in the air and on the ground. This gets coupled together with your footwork. So really you are learning how to use your hands and feet along with elbows and knees and how to apply strikes on different angles on the human anatomy. Later you will learn how to use different weapons on these nine angles.

Once you see this it will all make more sense to you. Then we place you in the center of four other training partners. These people will attack you in slow motion until you get used to moving off the line of each attack by using your footwork and body evasion techniques that we give you. The idea is that motion or movement is life. If you stand your ground to defend against one opponent the others will strike you down. So you cannot stand there trying to defend against one person, but, rather shift your feet using our footwork to move out of the way in order to make the attackers miss you with their strikes. By using one man as a moving shield you can now hide behind him. His friends will actually be attacking and hitting him instead of you.

With self-defense the goal is to cause trauma on the human anatomy as soon as you touch someone. You do your best to cripple whatever you can reach or can grab. By crippling right off the bat in self-defense situations you now limit the amount of attackers you are fighting. By crippling and even sometimes killing your opponents while you stay in constant motion your chances of survival go up every time you take out each opponent. Ask yourself this… right now with the limited knowledge you have on self-defense how long would you survive an encounter against more than one attacker?

I hope this helps. Come try it out and see how it is done.

With respect,

Grandmaster Peter Freedman

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